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Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Clean windows can improve a building’s outer appeal, increase natural illumination, improve energy efficiency and able you to see your outer world clean. So Let us take care of your window glass to give your space a renewed and radiant look.

Window cleaning process involves the removal of dirt, dust, smudges, and other debris that accumulate on windows over time. Window cleaning can be done through various methods such as hand cleaning, pressure washing, or using specialized cleaning equipment. No job is too small or big for us We will clean your windows internally and externally, whether it is for your residential homes, commercial or industrial premises

Here are various window cleaning methods

The conventional approach calls for a squeegee, a bucket, and soap. In this procedure, the glass surface is wetted with a cleaning solution, scrubbed with a scrubber, and then the cleaning solution and any dirt or grime are removed with a squeegee.

Pressure Washing: This high-pressure technique to blasts dirt and grime off the glass surface with a pressure washer. It is often used for huge commercial structures with huge glass.

Chemical Cleaning: This entails dissolving dirt and grime off the glass surface with a cleaning solution. Usually used on glass with tough stains and markings. particularly after construction cleaning. It is also useful for cleaning the window glass and facade elevation, where a more thorough and intensive cleaning approach is required.

The type and size of the window, the amount of dust and grime accumulation, and personal preference will all affect the strategy you choose. It’s always important to get the advice of an experienced window cleaning provider to find the method that will work best for your individual requirements.

Commercial window cleaning

Even in business your First impressions is your last, so if your commercial building or shop has dirty windows, it won’t look professional and appealing to your customers. Also clear windows allow natural light to enter your premise and creating a more welcoming atmosphere for you and your employees. Our team of commercial window cleaners specializes in providing professional cleaning services for your external facade, glazing, windows, and glass doors, and help you yo shine your business.

Why Choose Raise Home Services for Window Cleaning?

Window Cleaning FAQs.​

Specialist tools and equipment, such as spray nozzles, scrubbers, extension poles, and specialist cleaning solutions, are used by professional window cleaning companies to clean the windows. Additionally, they might use water-fed poles and filtered water systems to clean windows in challenging places, such as high rise structures.
A wide range of factors, such as the size of your house or place of business, the quantity and kind of windows, and the quality of cleaning necessary, can affect the price of professional window cleaning services. The average cost of professional window cleaning services ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

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